Hi there! I am-

Phil Smithies.

Full Stack Web Dev.

Building modern web applications.

→  Currently looking for remote collaboration opportunities.

→   React, Next.js & Node.js.

About Me

Hey! I'm Phil Smithies - France based Brit. I love building web applications and bringing my ideas into a full fledged product.

React is in everything and I specialise in using the JAMstack to create quick, fluid and modern websites. I currently ♡ building applications in and not limited to Javascript, Typescript, React, Ruby, HTML, CSS.

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All of my projects can be seen here

Gated Records

Gated Records


Gated Records - Record Label E-Commerce built using Typescript and Next.js

Shuttr - A Photo Location Discovery Application



A Photo Sharing and Location Discovery Application combining the Google Maps API with image sharing.

Maelys Portfolio

Maëlys Chay - Illustration Portfolio


An illustrators portfolio built using Next.js & Typescript 🎨 Sanity.io Headless CMS. Tailwind CSS.

Sport Team

Sport Team


Sport Team coaching interface, using Typescript, GraphQL and Next.js.

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Full Stack Developer looking for roles in React and Javascript frameworks.

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